Friday, May 16, 2008

US Lags In Mobile Marketing

The trajectories are all headed in the right direction.

-Dag Olav Norem, a senior analyst with M:Metrics

In Erik Sass, "Mobile Banner Ads Have Same Brand Recall As TV Spots," Mediapost's Media Daily News, May 15, 2008.

When it comes to marketing via mobile phones, Norem noted that the US lags far behind other parts of the world in terms of penetration by mobile marketing. While 20% of U.S. mobile users receive an SMS marketing message at least once a month, versus 75% in Europe. But, he argued, there is also an "opposite correlation between penetration and response rates": Of people receiving SMS marketing messages in Europe, 4.9% respond, compared with 12.4% in the U.S. Maybe that's because Europeans have become used to getting the messages and are therefore more annoyed with them than the Americans are (so far).

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