Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Bright Future of E-Paper'll be looking at a $400 billion market.

-Sri Peruvemba, vice president for marketing, E Ink

In David DeJean, "The Future of E-Paper: The Kindle is Only the Beginning," Computerworld, June 6, 2008.

Peruvemba and others in the electronic "paper" display business believe that popular interest in's Kindle and its rival, the Sony Reader, mark the start of a coming stream of innovations that will culminate in light, thin, instantly updatable readers that may some day replace the book. The first successful demonstration of e-paper technology was made by Nick Seridon at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center during the 1970s. But contemporary developments are typically marked from the development of electronic "ink" by E Ink Corporation beginning 1997. Electronic ink technology at this point is used in a variety of applications in addition to e-book readers, including some credit cards and watch dials. But many technologists believe that the trajectory of the technology is both lucrative and world-changing.

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