Saturday, October 18, 2008

Google's Loss of Two German Copyright Cases Underscores Tensions

It doesn't matter that thumbnails are much smaller than original pictures and are displayed in a lower resolution.

- Hamburrg (Germany) Regional Court ruling

In Karin Matussek, "Google Loses German Copyright Cases Over Image-Search Previews,", October 18, 2008

Google lost two copyright lawsuits in Germany that centered on its display or photos and art as thumbnails when the search engine previewed results. One involved the display of photos by a German photographer who claimed Google violated his copyright. The other involved Google's display of comics that are owned by another German citizen. The rulings can be appealed, but they illustrate the legal complexities involved when material can be moved around digitally. Google users may find the display of these pictures helpful, but their owners want to be compensated for their use--especially because Google makes advertising money through displaying them.

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