Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Rise of Web Video

[B]roadcast mode is dead. Now is the time for co-creation, user distribution and a true democratization of video content.

Tom Smith, managing director of Trendstream

In Gavin O'Malley, "Report: Online Video Fastest-Growing Medium In The History Of The World," Online Media Daily, May 29, 2009

Trendstream is a social media research consultancy, and so it has a vested interest in highlighting the popularity of the rapid growth taking place in the sharing of online video. The major broadcast and cable networks would dismiss Smith's comment. They would point out that the viewing of broadcast and cable television still takes up substantially over 95% of Americans' time with video. Nevertheless, Trendstream is using its findings from a survey (carried our by research firm Lighstream) of 1,000 "active web users" to point to the quick growth of watching clips online. The company claims that "with 72% of US Web users watching clips online, Web video outstrips both blogging and social networking, and is now the leading 'social media platform.'"

In recent months Hulu and other sites for network-quality video have gotten much news, but Trendstream notes that most of what goes on around video is the downloading and uploading of short clips. Moreover, "users of all ages now generate far more content than traditional broadcasters and collectively contribute the majority of video content to the Web."

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