Monday, April 21, 2008

Outdoor Movie Marketing With a Guerilla Flair

Reactions by women named Sarah Marshall to an outdoor ad campaign for the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall that insults Sarah Marshall:

When you're walking down the street, it gets a little wearing even though you know it's not you and has nothing to do with you. You see . . . words like 'hate' and 'suck' with your name over and over again. It just doesn't feel pleasant inside.

- Sarah Marshall, 34, who lives in Stuyvesant Town in Manhattan.

I'm an old person. It's today's lingo and today's jargon but it's a little rough for my taste.

- Sarah Marshall, 71, of the Upper East Side, Manhattan.

Those billboards, they don't hurt my feelings, they don't make me uncomfortable. My kids all want my autograph.

- Sarah Marshall, 27, a teacher in Queens.

This sort of provocative outdoor marketing aimed at creating buzz is not new for movies, but it is becoming increasingly popular as marketers consider television, newspapers and radio increasingly difficult to break through to target audiences.

In Jessica Durando, "Movie ads 'target' real Sarah Marshalls," New York Daily News, March 29, 2008.

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